King Mansa Musa

of Mali Western Africa

Special Mention: Before there was King Mansa Musa, there was Ancient Malians and African king Abubakari Mansa, who sailed to the Americas in 1311 before Columbus.

The trip that altered people's perceptions about sailing the Atlanta ocean more than 180 years before Columbus wrote history. This history was removed since it depicts Africans discovering America, which supports the current existence of Pyramids throughout the Americas and Mexico. It is said that the map Columbus used was a replica of Mali's travels to the new world.

History of the Greatest Ruler in History

Mansa Musa, African king that changed the world, and a world that never understood the gifts of Africa offered by a king who dedicated his life's mission to giving back, educating others and sharing wealth with those less fortunate.

From 1312 CE to 1337 CE, Mansa Musa (also known as Musa I of Mali) ruler over the kingdom of Mali, considered then and now the wealthiest individual in the world. For centuries Mali was known as the richest kingdom in Africa, starting with his grandfather, Abu Bakr, the first mansa of the Mali Empire.

Faga Leye was Mansa Musa's father, while Kanku might have been his mother. The first mansa of the Mali Empire, Sunjata's brother Abu Bakr, was the father of Faga Leye. Sariq Jata was the name of Musa's grandpa, according to Ibn Battuta, who traveled to Mali during the rule of Musa's brother Sulayman.

Medieval manuscript, The Catalan Atlas and in the center sat a West African king holding a golden coin: King Mansa Musa, the wealthiest person to walk the globe. Published in 1375

Who was King Mansa Musa, and what made him so special to the Kingdom of Mali, and how did his existence transform the world?