Definition: Pan-Africanism is the belief that people of African descent have common interests and should be unified.

Description: Pan Africanism is the movement that seeks to unify the Afro diaspora community , those of African descent with the understanding that we have a common interest of all nations as people of African cultural and a power uniformed through economic solidarity.

The principle of Pan-Africanism is unification of the Afro diaspora . It is a belief in the common destiny of all people on the continent, regardless of ethnic group, language, religion or nationality. The next generation will live with the understanding that Afro-Latina, Cuban, Brazilians, American, Canadian, Europeans’, Asian, Australians’’, and more are unified in the gift of heritage, economics, social welfare and family nepotism to an extended nation, country, continent, no matter their location, but respect for another another as gifted by God.